Ministry focus

West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries (WALYM) is a Christian Mission Organization that exists to fulfill the Great Commission by focusing on four major categories within the countries of West Africa.

Church planting

It’s an undeniable truth that raising a family without a home can be incredibly challenging. Similarly, the church acts as this much-needed home, a place where we raise committed believers and diligent servants who are ready to carry out the Great Commission. This spiritual home equips believers with the tools and knowledge to serve faithfully, acting as the crucial bedrock for their service.

Christian education

Education forms the bedrock of knowledge and societal development. The classroom is our primary ground for evangelism and discipleship. The Next Generation International Academy (NGIA), a Christian Academy, embarks on the mission of leading children towards Christ. It aims to train them to excel in both academic pursuits and Biblical understandings within their communities, making a tangible impact.

leadership training

The Church in Africa requires passionate and committed leaders who can guide churches in ways that are both Biblical and healthy. The focus of our training encompasses a range of areas, including evangelism, discipleship, church administration, preaching, systematic theology, Homiletics, servant leadership, and counseling. Furthermore, we dedicate resources to equip their wives to support their husbands effectively in the ministry work.

medical mission

Health crises can often lead to feelings of hopelessness, but through our medical mission efforts, we transform these into opportunities to share The Gospel. By combining the healing forces of The Gospel and Medicine, we create a potent toolkit capable of healing not just the physical body, but also the soul. We see this as a powerful way to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.


Through the generosity of many, West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries (WALYM), has been able to accomplish what many deemed impossible.

churches planted
leaders trained
students educated


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