Finding Strength in God: Lessons from our Journey with WALYM

I have been thinking a lot about God’s help in our lives each day, and in everything we do. He grants us the blessing of waking up the next day, keeping our hearts beating, and allowing us to keep breathing in the very oxygen we need to survive every second of the day. He also gives us a way to escape all sinful temptation that comes our way, God gives us His Peace that passes all understanding in situations that feel hopeless, He guides us when we are unsure of what decision to make, and He promises that He’ll take care of all our needs; never to forsake us.

There are days I catch myself trying to accomplish goals or tasks in the day on my own strength and will power. There are times that my first thought isn’t to ask God for help in the areas where I struggle; instead I try to figure out how to do it myself, then I fail, and then I get frustrated because “I” couldn’t do it right. But have you ever noticed the difference between those DIY (do it yourself) days and the days where you just go to the Lord with an honest heart and say: “Lord, I am struggling with ______ as a weakness in my life. I know I cannot change/and or do this without your help. Can you please help me to improve and to remember to always come to you first for help instead of relying on my own false strength?”

One thing I love about God, is that He NEVER fails me. He ALWAYS helps me when I need help, and not only that, but He helps me to UNDERSTAND why I need to go through what I am going through, and that everything will be okay; that I can trust in Him. It’s not always a “fun feeling” to learn hard lessons, but my Father always has good in it for me and for you!

In Psalm 127:1 it says: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat- for he grants sleep to those he loves.“

I believe the Lord has taught Kossi and me many lessons in the process of bringing W.A.L.Y.M. to ‘Life’. What started as an idea on a paper, has become a working Missions Agency for the Lord’s glory, right before my husband’s and my eyes. What a blessing; to see God’s plan unfolding in this ministry for the people of the U.S. and Africa to come to know Him and become stronger in their relationship with their Father. We thank God. It has been a difficult journey to get this far, but even more so, it has been an amazing & beautiful learning & growing experience for both of us. Through this process, we have learned that we need to rely on God for EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF LIFE. EVERY decision and every breath. We covet your prayers for the Lord to grow West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministry so that the World may hear of His love for them; for His gift that is waiting ‘just outside the door’ for us all.

Have a peaceful day in our Lord.

Alisa Eklou