Meet the dedicated individuals guiding WALYM’s mission. Our leadership team, driven by their love for Christ and passion for service, fuels our efforts to spread the Gospel and uplift communities across West Africa.

WALYM’s Leadership

Officers of
the board

At WALYM, we are deeply committed to creating a positive and lasting impact in West Africa. Our leadership team, a dedicated group of experienced professionals and passionate believers, exemplifies this commitment.

Roland Eklou

President & CEO
In 1994, Roland Eklou commenced his journey with a local Baptist Church located in his village in Togo, known as Tsiko – translating to “Thirsty” in English…

Sarah Schmidt

Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Schmidt is a proud native of Wisconsin, where she has spent her entire life. She has been happily married to her husband, Steve, for nearly 25 years…

John Akotsu

Strategic Planning
Born in 1995 in a Christian home, John got saved at the age of twelve during a children’s camp ministry in 2007. He hails from Togo, West Africa, specifically from a small village called Tsiko…

Lynette Bosin


Lynette earned a BA in Nursing and her Midwifery in England. She had served in Africa as a missionary for several years before returning to the U.S. She serves as the advisor for WALYM…

Andy Berger


Andy was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He came to know the Lord at a young age, and has grown the passion for mission and for God’s people. His first mission trip was in Haiti. This…

Isaac fetterhoff

Board of Directors Member

Originally from Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Isaac became the pastor of Spoons Chapel in September of 2017. His journey with the Lord Jesus Christ began with his conversion just…

Mike Verbraska

Board of Directors Member

My name is Michael Verbraska and I am married with three daughters, one grandson and one
granddaughter on the way. I currently reside in Fort Worth, TX. I grew up in Albany, NY, moved…

Tim Dillon

Board of Directors Member

Pastor Timothy Dillon has served the Lord in full 6me ministry and Chris6an service for thirty-
four years. He was born in Ohio, but he and his family moved to West Virginia so he could…



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