Mama Akotsu Project

Extending a helping hand to the elderly,
because love and care know no age limits.

Our Program goals

At the heart of our organization is a deeply-rooted commitment to the establishment of new churches and the education of future pastors. We are keenly aware that vast expanses of Western Africa are yet to hear the life-altering message of the Gospel. Driven by this understanding, our goal is to plant churches that not only believe in the teachings of the Bible but are also resilient and dynamic. We aspire for these churches to mature and prosper, eventually multiplying and expanding their influence, echoing the biblical principle found in Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”.

About Our Program

“Give proper recognition to those widows who are really in need.”
– Timothy 5:3

In Africa, the concept of social security primarily revolves around children acting as their parents’ safety net during their twilight years. Due to pervasive poverty and inadequate access to education, securing well-paying jobs, and by extension, a stable retirement, remains an elusive goal for many. Consequently, the burden of care falls onto the children. However, the grim reality is that many of these children are themselves unable to meet their basic needs, rendering them incapable of supporting their elderly or infirm parents. This harsh cycle of poverty leads to countless older men and women facing the specter of hunger daily. Scripture has always underscored our responsibility towards the marginalized in society – the widows and the orphans among us.

Imagine the plight of individuals aged 60 and above, with diminished capacity to work, and no retirement fund or social assistance to rely on. The picture that unfolds is one of harsh desolation. This situation isn’t a distant possibility for some, but a present-day ordeal silently endured by numerous widows in West Africa.

The Mama Akotsu Project aims to alleviate some of the challenges faced by these widows and elderly women. Our primary initiative involves setting up a food pantry to ensure these women receive consistent nutritional support. Although the food distribution will initially be centered around the church community, our vision is to extend this aid to all the widows in need, irrespective of their religious affiliation.

Further, the project seeks to introduce these women to the hope and solace found in Christ. In their golden years, our mission is to guide them towards accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. With this in mind, we plan to use this opportunity to conduct weekly Bible studies. Considering that a significant proportion of these women are illiterate, our dedicated team members will read and interpret the Bible in their local dialects, allowing them to fully grasp the Word of God.



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