Testimonial: Heather Cook

I wasn’t sure what to expect in during my month-long mission’s trip to Togo. Yet, God has used it in many ways so that it still impacts me 2 1/2 years later. Seeing the joy and consistent service of the individuals who serve with WALYM in their hometown of Lomé was an eye opener to me. The Mission start at home within your own community. Your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone you come into contact with is someone God has placed in your path to encourage, edify, and push them closer to our Savior. If you struggle to do that… then you will not do it outside of your community. It also encouraged me to know that the Body of Christ is not bound by human
limitations or differences. Serving alongside men and women who did not speak English and I certainly can’t speak French or Ewe was a special and wonderful experience. We have a bond that cannot be described!! The Lord has yet to direct me back to Togo, but I know that as soon as He opens that door again, I would pounce at the opportunity to serve once again with my sweet and bold brothers and sisters in Christ over in Togo!

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