Testimonial: Kossi-Selom Gbafa

“It is a great privilege to me to testify about God’s grace during the past 3 years. In fact, I was praying for an open door to have support to be able to go to a Bible Institute. WALYM has turned out to be an answer to that prayer. It has helped me a lot spiritually in the way of equipping me for the ministry. I was able to finish with my diploma and I am now currently in a Degree program. Through the training sessions, God continues to help me day after day to be more effective in serving Him. It has also helped to impact others spiritually in the areas of evangelism and preaching.

WALYM’S ministry has personally impacted me by transforming me through the Word of God, and has helped bring me closer to God through Biblical Study.

I’m so thankful for this mission (WALYM) and for what it has been doing in my life. My prayer is that God will help WALYM to be even more fruitful and that it will continue to impact
many people’s lives to build God’s Kingdom.”