Testimonial: Monica Sopiarz, Pharmd

My name is Monica Sopiarz , and I wanted to share my story about visiting this school and Church in October 2022. I was invited to come talk to the students, especially girls, about my background and how I pursued a higher education to become a Pharmacist. The goal is to have all students stay in school through the 12th grade, which is not common at all in this part of the world, especially for girls, while being exposed and taught the teachings of Christ and the Bible. They just started to build the school a little over 2 years ago, which still needs funding to complete building the school, with the goal of expanding to a health clinic as well. I am very passionate
about this organization, and through God and because of God, I was given the opportunity to visit and I pray that I can support their goals in any and all ways possible. One of most remarkable things about all of this is that I met the pioneer of this endeavor on a plane early 2020, in which we talked for the entire 8 hours or so of time, which much of it being about Faith, God, and the purpose God has given us. I was asking for God to provide me with a purpose before this, and he provided. I look forward to visiting the school again and to continue on my endeavors, in any way I can, to support the school.

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