Testimonial: Sarah Rose

Near the end of 2020, I had the opportunity and privilege of traveling with a group to Lomé, Togo. As a Missions-TESOL major, one of my requirements was to teach English overseas. When Covid-19 happened earlier that year, I never thought I’d have the chance to fulfill that requirement. But the Lord, in His sovereign grace, saw it fit to send me to West Africa with WALYM. And what a blessing it was! Once there, I was able to teach my students English, participate in youth ministries, and learn more about the culture. The Lord taught me countless lessons and allowed me to have incredible memories and experiences! Aside from teaching, one of my favorite
memories from the trip was playing soccer with a group in another village and then being able to share my testimony with them. I never want to get over the fact that God saved me! Another precious memory that I often think about is when we were able to travel to the different churches throughout our time there. Although we don’t share the same language, the Body of Christ shares the same God, and that always encourages me! I am so thankful for Roland and his willingness to take our group to Togo. It was a life changing trip and I am beyond grateful for the lessons the Lord taught me.