West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries

Our mission

WALYM stands for West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries. We are a nonprofit Christian organization that seeks to minister in West Africa. We focus on equipping leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to truly transform their communities. The major goal of this organization is to eradicate the rampant false doctrines that have become snares to following the fundamental doctrine of Christ and hampers their growth in Christ.

Our Vision

The vision of West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries, Inc. is to establish churches and community outreach efforts in remote regions of West Africa. We will achieve this by planting churches in remote regions such as those in Togo, Ghana, and Benin and by holding theological workshops and seminars for pastors. We will also assist schools in West African communities by providing them with school supplies and materials, establishing libraries and clinics in low-income areas, organizing soccer tournaments, holding religious services in high schools and providing assistance for elderly widows such as food pantries and financial assistance.

WALYM’s Affiliations

Moody Bible Institute
Appalachian Bible College
République Française Service Public
Liberty University

Our story

The inception of WALYM is rooted in a profound dedication to evangelism and learning. In 1994, Roland Eklou commenced his journey with a local Baptist Church located in his village in Togo, known as Tsiko – translating to “Thirsty” in English. The church offered an engaging Sunday School program for children, along with an AWANA program. Roland’s fervor for these activities was so intense that he was consistent in his attendance. In fact, it was commonplace to see him as the solitary child participant at Wednesday’s prayer gatherings and the Sunday evening services. These services were particularly unique as they were not frequented by children due to their late timing, sometimes extending up to 9 PM.

Roland’s early experiences were just the first brushstrokes of God’s grand design for his life. Growing up in Africa is fraught with challenges, particularly for children like Roland whose parents are separated. Roland faced many days of hunger, and was frequently expelled from school due to an inability to pay the modest annual tuition of $10. While numerous children in similar circumstances fell into illicit activities and subsequently found themselves in prison, these hardships played a critical role in shaping Roland’s life. God used these challenges to open Roland’s heart to the gospel, particularly the power of divine forgiveness. In June of 1998, a transformative moment occurred – Roland accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

In 2004, six years following his conversion, Roland’s path intersected with Dr. Zerbe, a physician and surgeon who came to Togo to offer his skills at a local hospital. Dr. Zerbe soon became a father figure to Roland, guiding him to complete high school and encouraging him to attend Bible School in Ghana. Roland describes his divine calling as an internal and external process. The internal aspect was God’s clear directive, a divine impulse nudging him towards a purposeful path. Externally, Roland’s unhidden passion for the gospel was evident to others who suggested he undertake training to become a pastor or evangelist. God’s intervention in Roland’s life was not limited to calling him to service. He also provided for his education in Ghana. Roland graduated from the Ghana Baptist Theological Institute in 2011, a testament to his unwavering faith and determination to fulfill God’s plan for him.

While attending Bible School in Ghana, Roland discovered a deeper dimension to his calling beyond the pastoral role. He felt drawn to becoming a Bible teacher, focused on training others to communicate the Gospel effectively. This insight stemmed from the Vacation Bible School and children’s camps he initiated. Roland reached out to pastors, proposing a week-long Vacation Bible School and youth seminars. More often than not, his proposals were accepted.

With years of mobilizing young people from various churches to assist with teaching and games, Roland launched the Association of Young Christians for Evangelism (ACYE), originally known as AJCE. This organization expanded its focus beyond Vacation Bible School to include initiatives like Evangelistic Soccer Tournaments, ‘Music in the Church’ teachings, and seminars and conferences for young adults.

Five months after graduating from the Ghana Baptist Theological Institute, Roland was granted a visa to study at Appalachian Bible College in West Virginia, USA. After earning his degree from ABC in 2013, he pursued his Master of Divinity from Moody Theological Seminary/Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, USA, graduating in 2017.

In his final year of study, Roland received a call to serve as an associate pastor in Wisconsin, USA. There, alongside his wife and two boys, he founded West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries (WALYM). Despite facing opposition, WALYM flourished under God’s grace, thriving in Christian Education, Pastoral and Leadership Training, Church Planting, and Health Care Ministries.

After achieving his doctorate from Liberty University, Roland continues his service both in Africa and occasionally in the United States.



West Africa Leadership And Youth Ministries is actively carrying out the Great Commission by spreading the gospel throughout West Africa. You can help us directly, without ever needing to leave the comfort of your own home.